Hawking HASP1 Antenna Surge Protector – Protect Your Wireless Devices


ANT/Surge Protector

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Protect your wireless equipment from power surges

The surge protector is designed to protect your wireless devices from excessive voltage (spikes and power surges), which normally result from lightning.  It is recommended to use the HASP1 with your Outdoor Antenna.  Apply this surge protector to your wireless device, ground the device properly, and your wireless devices are safe from ourdoor surges.


Model Number:


  • Hawking HASP1 Antenna Surge Protector

  • General Features:
  • Connector:
    • N-Plug
    • N-Jack
    • DC~3GHz
    • 50Ohms
    • 200W
  • Discharge Voltage: DC230V


  • Notes:
  • P/N: HASP1
  • Product Requirements:
  • Hi-Gain 2.4 GHz Outdoor Antenna
  • Outdoor Extension cable with N-Plug Connector (Hawking Part No. HAC10N or HAC30N)
  • Indoor N-Plug Extension Cable


  • Hawking HASP1 Antenna Surge Protector

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